I sing & play guitar on this record.

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Untitled Rough Draft from upcoming Andrew Weathers Ensemble album. This one was recorded at Vestige Recordings, Oakland, CA, Rm. 1, Emeryville, CA, & Small Fire Studios, Brooklyn, NY. Get Blissed. Working title for the record is Fuck Everyone You Can Do Anything


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Talk More set from KFJC’s Day of Noise this past weekend. We had the 4-5am slot. I drank a lot of coffee, slept for an hour when I got home. I appreciate all of the different directions that Rock & Roll continues to take me.



Parties – Pool Party 7.9

                Parties have recorded the strangest Pool Party ever held. Using simple shimmering drones they manage to capture the hope of a pool party. Everything in it simply wafts through. Calm is captured in these two elongated tracks. Drones here manage to linger around melodies. What works best is when these gigantic compositions are allowed to strip, relatively the soft sweet underbelly supporting the giant structures. 

                On ‘10’ the open, everything shines. The organ shines through. Guitars and organs intermingle to present the sense of watching something beautiful from far away. From the ten minute mark things settle themselves down. Hearing the small sounds does wonders and gives the listener the sense of scope associated with the music. Playful little keys manage to work their way around the greater far larger sounds. Best of all the guitars keep their distance while these small moments are explored in full. Elements of it are curious, discovering tiny new worlds. Around the end of the piece the guitars get their final say drowning out everything with large dollops of feedback. 

                ‘11’ serves as the anxious conclusion. Yes there remains a bit of the hope from the earlier track. There is far more activity in this piece, much larger almost-industrial landscapes being explored. Here the guitars are full on assaulting the senses by the chaotic finale. And by exploring these darker impulses the album manages to feel perfectly balanced. Brought together the two pieces serve as opposing views of the same event: one of calm fun and the other of chaotic worry.

I’m in this band I’m on this cover vibing hard.


The nice dudes at Tiny Mix Tapes covered my latest release, a collaboration with my good friend Eric Perreault. You can hear it over here.

FS folks in TMT, not an FS release

We’re really stoked to see our friend Sarah Davachi listed here

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Greetings friends,

Just a quick note here to wish you all a safe and happy new year and remind you today is the final day to take advantage of the end of year sale.


All loose end/delayed etc titles have now arrived and I will be spending the week packing orders and clearing the queue entirely.  So if you had an order containing preorders which has not shipped yet you can expect it to ship this week.	After which I will be taking the site offline for a couple of days to do the annual inventory count.

Thank you for all your support this year++.  I wish you all the best for the year ahead.

Best wishes always,

Brad Barry: As we press on into the hot, sticky days of summer here in Texas, I’m... ›


As we press on into the hot, sticky days of summer here in Texas, I’m finding myself fixated on glacial imagery. There’s something mesmerizing about the organic patterns of wear from wind and water decorating the surface of something so monolithic. With this mix, I collected pieces that…

Some love for Radere’s Dreamless in here. Thanks Brad!!

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Today I found an old loop I made in 2010 on my camera’s memory card. The file is titled Kinesis.MP3 and I recorded it in my apartment at the time in Greensboro, NC. That’s all I can really recall about it.

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