The nice dudes at Tiny Mix Tapes covered my latest release, a collaboration with my good friend Eric Perreault. You can hear it over here.

FS folks in TMT, not an FS release

We’re really stoked to see our friend Sarah Davachi listed here

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Greetings friends,

Just a quick note here to wish you all a safe and happy new year and remind you today is the final day to take advantage of the end of year sale.


All loose end/delayed etc titles have now arrived and I will be spending the week packing orders and clearing the queue entirely.  So if you had an order containing preorders which has not shipped yet you can expect it to ship this week.	After which I will be taking the site offline for a couple of days to do the annual inventory count.

Thank you for all your support this year++.  I wish you all the best for the year ahead.

Best wishes always,

Brad Barry: As we press on into the hot, sticky days of summer here in Texas, I’m... ›


As we press on into the hot, sticky days of summer here in Texas, I’m finding myself fixated on glacial imagery. There’s something mesmerizing about the organic patterns of wear from wind and water decorating the surface of something so monolithic. With this mix, I collected pieces that…

Some love for Radere’s Dreamless in here. Thanks Brad!!

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Today I found an old loop I made in 2010 on my camera’s memory card. The file is titled Kinesis.MP3 and I recorded it in my apartment at the time in Greensboro, NC. That’s all I can really recall about it.

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Andrew Weathers - They Turned the Heat On 7.0

                Andrew Weathers enjoys himself quite thoroughly on ‘They Turned the Heat On’. The title is intentional. Warmth radiates from these pieces. Finger-picking rarely sounds this good. Certain elements of it hark back to John Fahey’s style of American Primitive. Based more around the emotional core than traditional structure these are beautiful pieces that resonate with spontaneity. Although Andrew Weathers deliberately limits himself to the guitar he explores every aspect of his instrument. By playing around with the ideas he creates new forms. 

                For the beginning he literally runs around madly. Activity is at an absolute peak with this work. Little collisions happen on this piece over and over, within a mere minute. On the second piece he allows for more ‘reflective silence’. Here things are allowed to breathe a bit more. Things are deliberately loosened up for maximum effect. Right in the middle he explores the low and high elements giving each plenty of time. 

                By the end he begins to ease up on the relentless energy of the beginning. Sounds are given yet more free space to roam wild. For the finale ‘The Weather In California Is Nice’ things become surprisingly accessible. He forms a jaunty little tune. Gone is the earlier experimentation. Rather he appears to enjoy this effort. Resting in a comfortable groove Andrew Weathers sounds quite confident in his abilities. Overall the EP is a delightful surprise. Experimentation with acoustic guitars ought to be done right. And Andrew Weathers knows how to do it right.

I do experimentation right


New photobook publication by Empty Stretch: “Burnish” by Isabelle Evertse is for sale now!!



Scope those FS stickers.

Sarah Davachi makes beautiful music. We released her debut album today. Please check it out.


This weekend I’ll be performing as part of the Closer Music Festival in Portland, debuting an all-new live set.